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Christina Doherty is a mother of 2 active boys and owner of Cici Crib. She particularly enjoys foraging for special items for her shop as well as creating lovely interiors for little ones. If you are interested in a design consultation, please click here or email me at info@cicicrib.com.

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Beach Baby

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

We are finishing  a baby’s  nursery inspired by beach cabanas! Oh Summer is leaving us!

The room is very light and airy. We chose  window treatments that were very similar to these.

We used this  fresh  Newport Cottages crib. The fabric panels on either side of the crib can be covered in any fabric of our choice and are completely removable for reupholstery.

We chose this striped fabric for the panels in the crib.

We chose this bookshelf from Newport. It was painted white on the outside. The inside back wall was painted aqua.

A nice accessory for the bookshelf would be this cute frame from Cici Crib .

For the bedding we did a cute crib skirt, fitted sheet and toddler blanket. The skirt is a seersucker orange with a fine wale cordoroy border.The fitted sheet is an aqua dot. Instead of a bumper we accessorized with a toddler blanket has the same outer fabric as the skirt,  but lined with super soft minky.  All custom made by Bebe Chic.

This area rug would look nice.

I would love  to finish off the nursery with this piece of art. Framed in weathered driftwood, it is just perfect.

Happy Summer!

Oh just a note that Wee Westchester did  a great little post about us on their very cool blog. Thanks Wee Westchester!

See you…


Nursery for a special baby girl

Friday, July 29th, 2011

I got a call from a dad who wanted to do a surprise nursery for his wife and new baby daughter. Both mother and daughter were having a bit of a rough go, and were in the hospital when he called me. I could hear his worry and love for his family over the phone. His wife admired a little girl’s room, that I had decorated and blogged about.   There was no one to make design decisions. He wanted a nursery like the little girl’s bedroom and it had to be pink. Be positive and move quickly forward.

We got much of the room together in 6 weeks.  It was entirely custom. A huge feat, which I must really thank my vendors for making such accommodations. It was a nursery that would grow into the little girl’s bedroom.  The changer would be very temporary. They needed adequate storage and a comfortable glider to feed the baby.

This was the room before…

I decided not to wallpaper the entire room, as the wall’s quirky angles  would hinder the look of the paper. We did one wall. It looked like an outline of a house. Perfect. I chose a sunny yellow crib to welcome the little one home.

This very traditional armoire  looks a bit more transitional, when we added the lattice fabric.  It will be nicely centered against the wall when additional muscle arrives. It is a solid piece.

So sweet…

It was really a very rewarding job. Baby is just thriving and I’ve gotten to finally know the lovely mom.

See you…


Around the World in Eighty Days

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Once again it is trade show time.  I completely look forward to checking out all the new stuff!  Yesterday I spent the day at the New York International Gift Fair.  It was a day of exploration.  A trip Jules Verne would be proud of.   Whether one is decorating a baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom or even a playroom, using world travel as inspiration is endless.

Could see these hot air balloon prints in a nursery…

So love these  riveted aluminum pieces made in the same way as an airplane’s body. The bookshelf and desk…

The round desk is really cool..

A trunk used as a side table..

Framed reproduction racing car steering wheels…

A very worn leather chair..

Pillows are just fun..

These pillows will be in the shop soon…

As will these animal heads that are made of paper mache in Haiti. I liked them because they seem so friendly. Not at all scary.  Slightly rounded in nature and handmade…

Like these elephant prints…

It was quite a trip to the show…
See you..


Wallpaper on the ceiling

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

As far as children’s rooms go, we are oh so familiar with clouds on the ceiling. Whether they are painted or wallpaper, it seems like we see it quite often.   But what if we just chose beautiful wallpaper to line the ceiling. How nice…

House of Turquoise

Nursery  by Rhoney Design. I so love this sweet home for baby…

Girls bedroom by David Cafiero

Then there is Miles Redd, oh so chic constellation ceiling.Ok maybe this isn’t wall paper, but so inspiring…

See you…


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