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Christina Doherty is a mother of 2 active boys and owner of Cici Crib. She particularly enjoys foraging for special items for her shop as well as creating lovely interiors for little ones. If you are interested in a design consultation, please click here or email me at info@cicicrib.com.

It’s Time for Your Lovee.

Hurricane Sandy has literally taken the ground  out from under us. It can be a scary time.  Sometimes we all wish we had a lovee. A sweet something that makes us feel safe and warm. I started taking pictures of children’s lovees that visited  the shop. The smudges, the bandaid,  the tattered edges reflect the complete love the owners give them.


When I ask to take a picture of the lovee, some little owners are very protective.

I took this pic right before the hurricane. I am sure the bear lovee offered alot of warmth and comfort to this very  little owner.

Stay safe and be well..

See you…




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One Response to “It’s Time for Your Lovee.”

  1. Tina Wolf Says:

    Can I bring in my sons blankee… he’s 20 now…not much left of it.. he he

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